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by Jonathan Dransfield


I live in Wellington, Aotearoa - New Zealand. You can contact me at 

Spore is original and remade clothing and accessories. I’m 18 and I aspire to work in clothing design and manufacture. I work with recycled and second hand materials and I mend and repurpose garments and fabric. I focus on making durable, authentic clothing, and I take inspiration from designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Raf Simmons, and Rick Owens.


A lot of what I’ve made recently is inspired by life cycles of living things - fungi, mold, decomposition and growth, and animals like wolves, dogs, bears and goats. Being a trans man and connection to other trans and lgbt+ people is in all art I make. I try to make clothing in a large range of sizes and I consider all clothing I make to be androgynous, or masculine/feminine in a non-traditional way. 


Some materials I use the most are leather factory offcuts, 2nd hand jeans and non-stretch denim, canvas used in workwear, recycled metal hardware, woven wool fabrics. I often bleach, dye, rip + distress, darn and embroider fabric. 



Email me at


Contact me if you're interested in custom pieces!

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